Extinction poems from South Camden Community School students

Extinction is a flame burning out

Loss of heat
Room getting colder
It was light, I could see the way, but now it’s dark and I’m lost.
Like being blindfolded, my senses are stolen.
No sight, nor sound.
Loss of beauty.
I try to breathe but my lungs don’t want to know me.
It’s dark but already
I can tell I’m in trouble
and I’m going nowhere.

by Driin, Fama, Abyan

The Dutch sailor’s remorse

If I had known of the consequences
I would have tamed myself
Just like the sea cow
Who fell victim to my ravenous stomach.
What was I to do? What could anyone have done in fact?

Their fat, a substantial butter substitute, was delicious,
And all the more reason to dig in.

Poor creature, at its discovery, was vulnerable even in its herd.
If only I could have foreseen the consequences
Then perhaps my conscience would not be so weary.

By Fama

Steller’s Sea Cow speaks

Nature made me
But I feel as if I’ve lost protection

Nature made me
Yet I feel as if nature itself
doesn’t know who I am

Nature made me
But I’m under constant threat
from those superior to me

Nature made me
Somehow I had this natural feeling
that you too would care enough for me

Nature made me
So I thought you would love me
as your fellow companion

Nature made me
And for my fate there was zero creation
because now it ends.

By Fama Y10

Elephant Bird

The Aepyornis creature
The leader of the birds
Every single feature
Extinct in all the world.

Now they’re gone forever,
Those birds I’ll never see.
They were probably very clever,
Now hopefully they’re free.

By Rose Green 7B

Elephant Birds – legendary beasts.
Now that they are gone, their murderers have feasts.
All I wanted to do was to see them at least.
This is not fair.
It’s hard to bear.

Eulogy to the Great Thylacine

O the great Thylacine
Your stripes are outstanding and worth looking at
Those mighty jaws of yours are very
So much that no-one would dare to look away.

You are your own animal
Nothing can match your unique looks.
You are the mighty king of all animals!
You will always be remembered.

The last Thylacine was killed by a human.
Please don’t take revenge on humans.

By Mahid Sulley and Yasmin Ahmed

Extinction is a journey that has come to an end

Loss of hope, preventable.
A story with a tragic ending.
A jammed cycle that cannot go on.
An unexpected stop.
What have we become?

by Tom, Bleon, Mahid

Reflections on the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon

We ask ourselves
Why something so precious
So innocent
Had to come to an end like this.
It’s time to change:
These horrible things are still happening.
How can we be so selfish?

They deserved to live, to survive, to be happy, just as much as humans!
They did nothing to harm us.
They didn’t jeopardise our lives.
They didn’t do anything but just live.
And we had to take this away from them.

By Monsur and Vessa

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  1. […] The ‘Feral Theatre‘ blog recently published a selection of poems on the topic of extinction, written by students at the South Camden Community School. Here’s a couple of my favourites, about the Steller’s sea cow and the thylacine (animals I hadn’t even heard of before, let alone know that they were extinct!). You can read all the other poems here. […]

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