Eulogy to Bombus Franklin bumble bee Extinct 2009

Bombus Franklin, you were mostly all black, unlike other bumble bees. Your death as a subspecies was so sudden we had no time to say goodbye.

So sad, so sad.

Beautiful black yellow, we will miss your flower kiss.

There are other breeds like you but none that are you.

In 1998 you were all over North America. By 1999, you were beginning to disappear. Only three of you were seen in 2003. You were killed by us humans – we brought in alien bees for commercial tomato production and they carried the parasites that killed you. You see, we wanted to make money – honey is an industry that is worth billions of dollars.  We went crazy. We bred other bees – sent them to Belgium and back to greenhouses near you in America Our honey bees were used and replaced like objects. Some of them escaped and infected you. We are so sorry for our crazy people and for all the ways we might have been a part of your death. And we feel scared because other bee breeds are going, and Einstein said that if bees die out then humans will be gone four years later.

You see, we need you bees, our lives depend on you.

You are gone and there are none that are you. We didn’t know you while you were alive but we miss you anyway. Maybe your loss will teach us something and serve as a warning – maybee.

All our love Rachel and Luc (5)

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